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Originally Posted by BleedingHollowVeteran. Congratulations, I did not think it could be done due to the mechanics of the those fights. Originally Posted by Freyera. Originally Posted by Nudi. If anyone soloed either of the bosses before, I think it'd be out in the open - there has been a lot of talk about these bosses not being soloable. Anyone who did it would spread the word.

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Read more here. Because stats grow exponentially every expansion, most end-game raid content from previous expansions becomes soloable by players at max level of the current expansion. There are many incentives to solo old content, like obtaining old legendary items or mountsand completing old achievements.

Cataclysmin particular, was notable in the extreme stat scaling compared to previous expansions. In particular, Razorgore the UntamedLady Vashjand the Lich King have been soloed although such a feat was previously thought to be impossible. In addition, encounters such as Gehennas and Vaelastrasz the Corrupt that have been difficult in the past have become almost trivial.

Blood Death Knights are by far and away currently the best, and simplest class to solo large amounts of content with for the most part; as tanks, they have the ability to mitigate large amounts of damage, and their self-healing design allows them to sustain incoming damage without a healer.

Other classes that are able to solo, albeit with more limitations and difficulty, include Huntersferal and balance Druidsand Warlocks. With the advent of Cataclysm, Molten Core has become almost trivial to solo for most level 85 classes. Most of AQ40 is relatively easy to solo.

Viscidus will prove impossible for many classes to solo due to reliance on heavy frost damage. Lastly, C'Thunpreviously thought unsoloable, is soloable only by kiting Ouro into the boss' room; this will allow him to pull the player out of C'Thun's stomach before he is instantly killed and the encounter reset. Raise Dead followed by [ Death Pact ] should only be used as a last resort; it's too good to waste before you really need it.

Don't forget that you can also spec into situational talents like [ Lichborne ]which will allow you to heal yourself with [ Death Coil ]or [ Bloodworms ] for a minor HPS gain, but these talents are not normally part of current raid tanking specs; you would only use them for PvP, DPS, or "solo old content" specs. As of Patch 4. You don't need to keep diseases up to solo old fights anymore.

Because the majority of damage intake will be to your pet, a Tenacity pet is preferred. Give it a defensive spec, like this one note that a [ Exotic Beasts ] spec is requiredand use [ Aspect of the Viper ] and cast [ Mend Pet ] as necessary spec into [ Improved Mend Pet ] ; especially important for bosses that apply debuffs, like most in Molten Coreand [ Glyph of Mending ]. On bosses with enrage timers, this tactic may not work so well; help DPS if you must, [ Roar of Sacrifice ] will help if you do pull aggro, and be sure to carry an [ Runic Mana Potion ] so that you don't run out of mana for Mend Pet.

You're in luck - if you're the only person in an encounter, you can use [ Divine Shield ] as much as you like without worrying about mobs ignoring you. Make sure to take necessary Protection talents to reduce the cooldown of Divine Shield and [ Hammer of Justice ] - the latter is extremely useful in some fights. In addition, you retain all your DPS abilities, allowing you to effectively tank the boss as well as deal massive amounts of damage. You may defeat the boss before Metamorphosis lifts, but if not, rely on your Voidwalker to resume tanking.

For longer boss fights, careful threat management with [ Suffering ] Voidwalker pet taunt and [ Soulshatter ] Warlock aggro drop may be required.

There may be times when, a la Classic, you may be required to slow down or even hold back your fire to allow your pet to build the required amount of threat. The following Classic fights have mechanics which specifically require more than one person to overcome:.

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C'Thun (tactics)

Category : Guides. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat He appears in World of Warcraft as the final encounter in the Temple of Ahn'Qirajimplemented in patch 1.

As one of the four Old Gods - who are known to be among the most powerful beings that ever walked Azeroth - C'Thun ruled over the young world. Azeroth was overwhelmed by elemental storms and the Old Gods held tyranny over it. Along the journey of the Titans they happened upon Azeroth. As the Titans made their way across the primordial landscape, they encountered a number of hostile elemental beings.

These elementals vowed to drive the Titans back and keep their world inviolate from the invaders' metallic touch. The Pantheon, disturbed by the Old Gods' penchant for evil, waged war upon the elementals and their dark masters.

Though the elementals were powerful beyond mortal comprehension, their combined forces could not stop the Titans. The Pantheon shattered the Old Gods' citadels and chained the surviving three evil gods far beneath the surface of the world.

c thun solo

Without the Old Gods' power to keep their raging spirits bound to the physical world, the elementals were banished to an abyssal plane, where they would contend with one another for all eternity.

With the elementals' departure, nature calmed, and the world settled into a peaceful harmony. For countless ages, C'Thun slept and watched as races evolved, fought each other, saw invasion of the Legion and still, created plans for the future - its future.

In the desert into which it fell, C'Thun found primitive life-forms known as the Silithid. The Old God created avatars from the Silithid in its own image. These avatars were to be known as the Qirajia sapient race that would come to occupy the western lands of Kalimdor.

The great fortress city of Ahn'Qiraj was created to house their growing armies and prepare for the coming of C'Thun. After his children had spent thousands of years building an army capable of exacting revenge upon the whole of Kalimdor the moment that C'Thun had so patiently waited for had finally arrived. The Titans had long since vacated this world.

Only the Night Elves were here to defend. As the whole of Silithus was soon engulfed by the Silithid and their Qiraji hosts the Night Elf army was pushed back through Un'Goro, to the borders of the Tanaris desert. With the aid of the four dragonflights, the Night Elves could finally push the Qiraji back to the city of Ahn'Qiraj.

There a barrier was erected out of rock, stone and roots from beneath the sands to create an impenetrable wall. The Qiraji who remained outside the wall were quickly slain. Centuries later the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj had been reopened, and the war reached its conclusion. Rumors circulated that C'Thun is present here with its great, horrifying lidless Eye, surrounded by a sea of tentacles and will vaporize every ignorant mortal who thinks of daring to challenge its supreme power and right to the world of Azeroth.

Mortal Heroes battled both the Silithid and the Qiraji to reach the heart of the great temple of Ahn'Qiraj where the Old God was defeated and his invasion into Azeroth was halted. After C'Thun was defeated his remnants were brought to Caelestrasz. Also pointing towards a reference to Cthulhu is the idea of insanity, such as the Dark Edge of Insanity item drop, as well as possibly several of his quotes, such as "Your friends will abandon you", and "You will betray your friends.

Lovecraft's novels deals very heavily with insanity as well, with both his followers often being described as mad, as well as those who find themselves in the events surrounding him often losing their sanity.

Although there was no specific god named Chthon in Greek mythology, the word "chthonic" sometimes spelled "cthonic" is still used in mythological studies as an adjective to describe earth-related deities. It seems that Blizzard, Lovecraft, and Games Workshop the publisher of Warhammer 40, all adapted the word for their own uses.

While C'Thun bears no striking physical resemblance to artists' renderings of Cthulhu who is usually portrayed as roughly humanoid, with octopoid facial featuresit is an Old Godpossibly similar to the "Great Old Ones" from Lovecraft's novels, of whom Cthulhu is the most prominent though not the most powerful member.

C'Thun's eye, however, does greatly resemble Tolkien's Eye of Sauron. C'Thun's physical form bears at least some resemblance to the Zerg Overmind of Starcraft. A possible resemblance between C'Thun and the C'Tan "star gods" of Warhammer 40, is that the old gods of Warcraft fought against the titans, while the C'Tan fought a race of advanced, virtuous beings called somewhat paradoxically from a Warcraft point of view the "Old Ones". The name Cthun is referenced in the Stephen King short story "N.

The story of C'Thun: how a WoW boss drove raiders to madness

In the story, Cthun is a hidden world of old gods and abominations that is kept at bay by a shifting circle of stones in an abandoned field, where a caretaker must stand watch and, through his perception, constantly "fix" the circle by making sure there are eight stones instead of seven.Join Now.

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Digital Point modules: Sphinx-based search.Forgot your password? He is one of the four Old Gods of Azeroth, and the first the players faced directly in World of Warcraft.

He will engage players as soon as they enter his room, and often greet them with an instant wipe, courtesy of his green eye beam of death.

C'Thun Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

Read our detailed guide below to avoid that fate! The pull is always an important part of any boss, but especially so with C'Thun. His main ability in Phase 1, which he will use immediately once anyone enters his room, is a green Eye Beam that chains to anyone near the targeted player, doubling its damage and jumping to another nearby player until it runs out of targets.

Considering this ability averages Nature damage on the first player it hits, anyone it chains to is likely to instantly die, causing a chain reaction that can wipe your group in an instant. In order to ensure a safe pull, have everyone be mounted up next to the boss room, do a countdown and, at sub 1 second left, have one of your tank players peek into the room in order to get aggro from the Eye of C'Thun.

This will cause him to be the first beam target, and he should ensure he is not near any other player by staying behind as the rest of the raid rushes into the room and spreads out into their assigned positions. It is imperative players have the boss selected while rushing in and instantly move away from everyone else if targeted by the boss, as an Eye Beam will soon follow. Once everyone is in their assigned positions, DPS the boss and swap to the tentacles whenever they spawn, with Eye Tentacles being the highest priority targets.

Stun and interrupt them if you can, also.

c thun solo

Finally, as soon as the Eye glows red, it is about to cast Death Glare, which will one shot anyone caught in the red beam, and will slowly rotate across the whole room. Make sure to move around the room accordingly in other to avoid the red beam, and to be spread once it ends. While this means the spread out requirements are no longer as strict, it is still recommended to spread out because new tentacles will begin to spawn under random players, and anyone near that player will also take a huge burst of damage.

The first new tentacle to spawn will be a Giant Claw Tentacle. These need to be tanked as soon as possible, as their attacks will one shot any non-tank. Because they can be stunned, try to stun it as soon as it spawns, in order to buy time for a tank to arrive and establish threat. The second new tentacle to spawn will be the Giant Eye Tentacle. These will cast green Eye Beams of C'Thun on random nearby players and, just like in Phase 1, it will chain and kill anyone who gets hit after its initial target.

Keep these tentacles stunned and interrupt them whenever they are casting. Regular small Eye Tentacles will also keep spawning periodically, and should be the first priority for DPS players, as long as Giant Claws are tanked and Giant Eyes are interrupted. Random players in your group will automatically be eaten by C'Thun during Phase 2 and sent to the stomach. If you are one of these players, get out instantly if you are a tankheal DPS players inside to full before leaving if you are a healerand deal as much damage as you can to the two tentacles before leaving at 10ish stacks depending on your health situation inside as a DPS.

Eventually, the tentacles will die and the Body of C'Thun will be weakened. Deal as much damage as possible to him before he reverts into his normal state and the phase restarts with a new Giant Claw Tentacle spawn. Repeat until he dies! This guide has been written by Seksimember of two top 60 guilds, Group Therapy shaman and Wiping as Intended priest. While you can routinely find him participating in discussions across all healer discords, he is particularly active on Ancestral GuidanceEarthshrine and Focused Will.

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Read more here. C'Thun sometimes spelled C'thun [9] [10] and pronounced "Kuh-THOON" [11] is the Old God of madness and chaos, [1] one of the four ancient and powerful creatures who ruled the world of Azeroth long ago before being defeated and imprisoned by servants of the titans. C'Thun created the qiraji and resides within the city of Ahn'Qiraj in Silithus. It is an unfathomably evil entity whose pervasive power has suffused Azeroth since time immemorial.

In recent years, C'Thun freed itself. Champions of the Alliance and Horde chose not to wait for the Old God to build up its strength. They invaded the city-kingdom of Ahn'Qiraj, fighting countless qiraji and silithid before finally confronting and defeating the malevolent god. Even so, it is unknown whether Azeroth has truly seen the last of C'Thun. It appears in World of Warcraft as the final encounter in the Temple of Ahn'Qirajimplemented in patch 1.

C'Thun served as one of the main antagonists of classic World of Warcraft. There, with the help of their n'raqi and aqiri spawn, they established their mighty Black Empire and enslaved the chaotic elementalswho had previously been the world's only inhabitants. One day, the godlike titans happened upon Azeroth. Vowing to cleanse the planet of the Old Gods and saving its world-soul from the eldritch beings' malign influence, the titans crafted the titan-forged from the planet's crust to destroy the Black Empire.

The titan-forged succeeded in imprisoning the Elemental Lords and defeating most of the aqir, but after the titans saw the catastrophic effect that the Old God Y'Shaarj 's death had on the planet, they ordered their creations to imprison the remaining Old Gods rather than killing them.

After containing N'Zoththe titan-forged launched their campaign upon the temple-city of C'Thun, purging swams of n'raqi before successfully imprisoning the Old God itself.

After the defeat of the Old Gods, the titan-forged set to work ordering Azeroth. After installing the Forge of Originationthe titan-forged Ra and his anubisath servants marched northwest towards C'Thun's prison, laboring to expand the prison into the fortress of Ahn'Qiraj.

For millennia, C'Thun lay dormant within its prison.

Crusade vs C'thun 1st kill

Roughly 16, years BDPthe race known as the trolls accidentally reawakened the insectoid aqir, who had escaped underground during the destruction of the Black Empire. Led by the C'Thrax Kith'ixthe aqir launched a great war against the trolls, but the trolls were able to drive the insectoids back to the far corners of the continent. One group of aqir fled southwest and overran Ahn'Qiraj, enslaving its anubisath guardians with the intention of using the giants against their foes, but nevertheless, the Gurubashi trolls were sucessful in containing the insectoids within the fortress for the rest of the war.

The aqir would remain inside the prison complex's walls for millennia afterwards, and over time, the influence of C'Thun transformed them into a new race: the qiraji.

Thousands of years later, the night elves accidentally awakened the dormant qiraji upon entering Ahn'Qiraj. C'Thun stirred within its prison and became aware of the insectoids that had gathered around it.As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform. Read more here. Until the release of the original Naxxramas and later The Burning CrusadeC'Thun was considered the most difficult raid boss in the game.

C'Thun is a two phase encounter focused primarily on proper positioning and unpredictable add control. The initial phase of the C'thun encounter, characterized by an alternation between the Eye shooting Eye Beams for 50 seconds followed by 35 seconds of Dark Glare detailed below as well as periodic spawning of claw tentacles and eye tentacles. When first entering C'Thun's chamber, the best strategy is to shield a player with high nature resist and have him enter the room ahead of the rest of the raid.

This will cause the first few eye beams described below to hit the player with high nature resist, giving the rest of the raid a chance to get into position.

If the raid enters the room at the same time it is likely that a large portion will die from a chained eye beam. Eye of C'thun casts one every 3 seconds for - Nature damage. If other players are standing nearby within roughly 10 yards the beam will instantly chain to them and their nearby allies, dealing 1. Eye Beam is capable of striking all 40 players at once, so spreading out is key.

c thun solo

A mod that approximates your distance with other raid members is recommended. The initial target is completely random, and the eye will roll around to face its target while casting. Nature protection potions can be used to help mitigate the damage taken. At the start of the "red phase" of phase one, the Eye of C'Thun will turn toward a new target, rapidly darken to a deep red color, and a shadowy cloud will appear in its pupil indicating the beam preparing to fire.

Dark Glare appears as three large stacked red beams, and extends radially out from the Eye, inflicting 43, - 56, Shadow damage to any player struck by the beams. The Eye will slowly rotate while channeling this attack, clockwise or counterclockwise degrees. It is possible to blink through it. Dark Glare pierces through the small pillars in the room and cannot be los'd.

Soloing classic content

Every 45 seconds, eight small eye tentacles will spawn at the edge of the black expanse radiating from C'thun, equally spaced in a circle around it, and inflicting a damaging knockback to anyone standing within 10 yards of their spawn points. These tentacles are level 60 with 2, health, and randomly target players with a strong [ Mind Flay ] spell that snares the target and deals damage a second for 10 seconds.

As Mind Flay is a binary spell, its damage cannot be partially resisted and must be interrupted. Eye tentacles are susceptible to many cc abilities such as disorients, interrupts, and stuns.

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