Sizzix big shot pro reviews

Have you been looking for a big, no-nonsense manual die cutter? The Sizzix Big Shot Pro might just be what you need. And while that makes it less desirable for anyone searching for an easily portable machine, it remains a great choice when power and extra capacity are required. Sizzix has maintained a firm grip on the manual die cutters market for a long time. In fact, apart from the Big Shot Pro model which is designed for medium to large-scale manual cutting, they also have another smaller Big Shot model which is popularly used for small to medium scale cutting.

One thing that really stands out about the Big Shot Pro, in particular, is that it can be used with different dies. In fact, it can accommodate pretty much all kinds of dies available out there in the world:. The list of dies that can be used on the Big Shot Pro goes on and on — and of course, the main benefit here is that you can always get better bargains when shopping for those due to the extended sovereignty.

Besides that, you also get extra freedom to be creative since you can acquire a wide variety of dies and use them to create different patterns for your projects. And, therefore, its list of features is also rather short. This manual die cutter comes complete with a wonderful tray that easily glides across making it possible to make cuts from either side.

The tray is large enough and can accommodate up to 5 average-sized dies at once. Therefore, you can cut multiple patterns in one go which also means that you can save a lot of time while using this.

Please note that the option to purchase different kinds of trays exists. There are some people who complain that the extended tray is tricky to use but there are also those who swear by it. The die cutter provides ample, built-in storage space. This is a perfect place to store your materials, tools and even dies.

Therefore, you can have all the stored materials safely tucked beneath the tray and still get to operate the machine normally. This is made from metal alloys and has a soft, ergonomic handling surface. It sticks out 5-inches providing you with just enough space to rotate the gears freely. To make the deal even sweeter, its gears run smoothly such that even a 5-year-old can easily crank it.

It operates quietly. And all thanks to the machines pound weight, this handle can be operated with one hand as the machine does not wobble.The Sizzix Big Shot Express available now on Amazon is a brand new version of the original bestselling Big Shot, but it has one big improvement: the machine now boasts electric cutting! If you have used a Sizzix machine in the past, you will already be aware that these cutters are deceptively powerful. Fans of the original Big Shot will notice an immediate difference in the Express model, seen below:.

Big Shot Express review: Is it worth going crank-free? But when handling repetitive tasks, or simply using it often, the crank became somewhat of a chore. That changes with the Big Shot Express where the crank has been replaced with a simple button. Now that the process of cutting or embossing has been entirely motorized, you can save on space that would have been spent cranking.

This series has proven tremendously popular with the small crafts community, and here are some of the reasons why:. Stampin Up has a detailed list of the types of materials that will work with the Big Shot Express.

Even better, the machine takes up less space to operate now that it relies on an electrical motor rather than a manual turn handle. The Big Shot Express is targeted at the same market that lapped up the original Big Shot — with the extra appeal that it is now easier to operate and involves less manual work.

It is seen as a hobbyist machine rather than a professional cutter, although it can certainly hold its own if you are working with smaller motifs and decals. Credit: Sizzix YouTube channel.

sizzix big shot pro reviews

Credit: Aunt Becs Creations. All Sizzix products are well supported by a community of ardent fans and followers. You can scour YouTube for hours watching videos of fun and inventive crafters at work on the Big Shot.

You might not think that something as simple as replacing a crank with a button would change the experience of using a cutting machine, but it does. If you are cutting through a lot of materials, on a regular basis, the electric cutting of the Big Shot Express will make life a lot easier for you.

It is particularly recommended for anybody suffering from dexterity or wrist issues. A no brainer, really. The only question is whether you can justify the significant increase in cost for electronic cutting instead of the manual cranking. Many craft fans say they cannot, which is fair enough. It looks quaint and tiny, but disguised under those soft white and grey tones is a pretty awesome DIY cutter that works great with any kind of embossing.

If you are interested in scrapbooking, making cards, small signs, decals and other vinyl crafts, the Sizzix Big Shot is an excellent little machine that punches above its weight.

The previous crank version of the Big Shot was perhaps the ultimate example of a family friendly cutting machine:. The prices of the Sizzix machines change often, but the price difference between the regular Big Shot and the Big Shot Express remains considerable. Think carefully about what you hope to achieve with the machine. Is it to satisfy a hobby, or do you have a commercial agenda?

For commercial purposes, the lack of flexibility in terms of cutting size and materials may be a constraint. All in all, the Big Shot Express is a beautifully compact craft cutter that has all the best parts of the original Big Shot whilst being even simpler to operate. Looking for some excellent alternatives? Check out this Best Vinyl Cutters guide for a comparison of the best machines. However, the electronic cutting comes at an extra cost.

Everyday I love testing new machines, materials and techniques and passing my tips and reviews along to my crafting friends and readers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The original Big Shot, model. Go to top. Big Shot Express Review.Sizzix is one of our favorite companies creating simple, low cost cutting machines — and we think they deserve a much wider user base than they already have. Some of our crafting friends are diehard Sizzix fans that consider their store a one-stop shop for everything craft-related.

They work best for light use with minimal pressure. Scrapbookers too. People making large scale vinyl signage? Not so much. Head on over to our USCutter review instead! In a nutshell, die cutting is the act of using a steel cutting die to cut shapes and patterns into a thin material.

Cardmakers and scrapbookers use a lot of die cutting in their crafts, as do jewelry makers and even fashion designers. The material you choose to cut must be very thin and flat, but can range anywhere between tissue paper, chipboard and thin metal foils.

Compared: The Best Sizzix Die Cutters

You can read our full review and rating of it here. The Eclips2 is computerized and bears more of a resemblance to the desktop cutters from Cricut and Silhouetteas opposed to the other Cricut products. Small, white and gray in color, and with a hand crank for you to manually feed the material and die through the machine, the Sizzix Big Shot look is a real classic.

sizzix big shot pro reviews

Its maximum cutting width is 6 inches and maximum length up to the longest extended cutting pads you can buy usually about 14 inches.

When you buy it from Amazon, it already comes equipped with a pair of standard cutting pads and an adjustable extended multipurpose platform. This ensures that it can be used with the majority of dies — even those from other brands! If you want to find out more, read our full review. Scrapbookers, rejoice! We told you Sizzix like to keep it simple. That means it can work with the same number of materials, same thickness materials, and use the same variety of die cuts and embossing folders from Sizzix and other cutting brands.

Steel, rubber, aluminium and metal alloy stuff, actually. It can cut the same dies, emboss the same folders, and even create the same jewelry you just need to buy the specialist jewelry dies from Vintaj and use them in your Big Shot. This is the question we probably get asked the most: which machine wins in the battle of Sizzix Big Shot vs Big Shot Pro? The Big Shot will suffice.

Want something bigger, stronger, more durable but a little more expensive? Take a look at the Big Shot Pro instead. Those of us who are likely to use their die cutter on a more regular basis, for more important work, should opt for the Pro.

Why did you make two different products so similar, Sizzix?! Some crafters often get hung up on whether they should opt for the Big Shot Express over the original Big Shot.

Something to think about. While some people love the hand crank and are likely to stick with the Big Shot, others — those with weak wrists, kids and those using the machine regularly — will probably prefer the convenience of the Big Shot Express.

The most notable being that the Plus is able to cut a slightly larger width than the original Big Shot although not as wide as the Pro. The Cuttlebug is marginally cheaper and smaller, but both machines have the same functionality. Now you should be totally clued up on all the machines Sizzix have to offer, and should be able to pick the winners in the following contests:. Be sure to check out the rest of our detailed machine comparisonsas well as our complete guide to the best vinyl cutters.Today, Sizzix remains one of the most popular and sought of brands on the die-cutting machine market.

It pleases the crowd with innovative, high-quality crafting tools and products, and in return, it can praise itself with quite a few awards. If you are keen on expressing your artistic potential, but cannot decide which die-cutting machine would be a good companion on that quest, read my Sizzix Big Shot Pro review.

Sizzix Big Shot Pro is a reliable machine that is sure to inspire you to express yourself in the best possible way. I am sure that it will take up a place in your home and heart! The table that follows represents my personal opinion on Big Shot Pro, and you should use it only as a guide to forming your own opinion. I hope it helps! The following in-depth review will showcase my opinion and explain all there is to know about this versatile machine. As soon as you open the box, you cannot but notice that this machine is huge and heavy.

Weighing over 40 pounds, it can hardly be lifted and let alone be considered a portable device. You also need to consider the fact that the handle sticks out five more inches. Therefore, think good and hard where you want to put the Big Shot Pro as you will not feel delighted when you have to move it. It is solid as a rock! On the bright side, the machine will not move an inch while you cut materials.

You can operate it single-handedly, unlike Big Shot or Cuttle Bug, which require both of your hands. Some of that heaviness comes from the high-quality components and materials used in its construction.

Its size comes with another advantage — it allows you to cut or emboss bigger items with a significant amount of force. As a result, the choice of materials is almost limitless — Sizzix Big Shot Pro can even cut through multiple layers and thin sheet metal. More on that later, though. The Big Shot Pro is, once again due to its size, ideal for quilting too.As I mentioned in one of my several reviews of die-cuttersdie-cutting was first preordained only for professionals - it originates in the shoe industry and leather cutting.

Nowadays, the act refers to creating cut-out shapes in a broad set of materials, and it beautifully pairs with embossing to create custom-designed cards, books, envelopes, labels, cardboard boxes, letters, quilts… The list is extensive and does not end here, especially since your creativity and skills can add new entries to the list. Novelty is guaranteed. These convenient gadgets let you mass create, too: with these, you can cut or imprint the exact same shape for an infinite number of times, unlike their forerunners, scissors and embossing powder.

The manufacturers have, of course, put competitive offers on the market. Sizzix is a brand that offers a wide array of home products for die-cutting and embossing machines made by Ellison. Their first die-cutting machine was made more than 40 years ago, in The company cooperates with graphic-design artists, so their assortment of add-ons is creative and unique.

The machine is good as its specs are, on a table presented below. If you want to find out why this product scored these grades on my table, read on - my detailed review awaits! Appearance-wise, this white-grey unit is not giant but would not be classified into the lightweight category, either.

Because of this, you can even cut several projects at the same time and cut 3D objects such as gift boxes. With embossingthe procedure for making the sandwich to roll through the gadget is almost the same: first the cutting pad, your material between the embossing folder, and the second cutting pad on top. Again, add adapters if needed for example, you will need adapter B when using the Textured Impressions Embossing Folders.

You put the sandwich in the machine, turn the handle and voila! Your material is imprinted.

sizzix big shot pro reviews

It has very reliable and stable fixed rollers to ensure you that your cuts will be precise and consistent. The handle is easy to grip and comes in handy here. With Big Plus Shot, this step is smooth and precise. At this stage comes one disappointing side of this gadget: accessories included in the box. If you buy this machine without the starter kit, the only thing you will get is the cutting pads set and adapters. However, while this tool does not essentially come with any accessories, there is a wide range of compatible add-ons :.No matter the style of die cutting you crave for, the Sizzix Big Shot is bound to stun you with the kind of features it has on its menu.

In that regard, we chose to go beyond what the Sizzix sales copies claim in order to reveal the whole truth about the Big Shot. Perhaps one of the things that make the Sizzix quite popular is its user-friendly design.

Anyone can use it! You only need to place the material that you want to cut between its cutting plates and then choose the right thickness by following a few simple steps. Then you simply send the material through the machine and it does all the spade work for you.

Yet another feather in the cap of this manual die cutter is its easy-to-turn handle. It has an ergonomic handle and its bearings turn easily when operating on lightweight materials.

It, however, is a bit tough to turn when faced with tough materials such as leather and craft metal. The good news is that this die cutter can handle quite a few materials. So, you can be quite confident that it will help you unlock your creative juices.

Some of them include but not limited to :. For instance, the Sizzlits and Embosslits are suited for cutting metallic foil and vellum while the Framelits and Thinlits work best with cardstock and paper. Are they worth all the hype? As you know, steel is one of the toughest metals in the world and, therefore, the Big Shot qualifies to be called a beast if its core is anything to go by.

It features solid steel gears which do a really good job cutting through what would seem like tough materials. This is a pretty solid platform which comes with hinged tabs. Best of all, you can use this platform with wafer-thin dies and all of the pads together. And above all, the platform comes with helpful diagrams that show you which page to use and the kind of dies or embossing folders to use.

From blue and teal to gray and white, this easy-to-use die cutter is designed to complement your decor and appliances. On top of that, its ABS plastic exterior looks classy and durable. The overall design of the unit makes it stand out as a stylish yet versatile kit that you can use for tasks like:. The machine itself is quite compact and sturdy. On a positive note, its larger sides can be quite an advantage as they provide you with acres of extra space to work on.

The big shot weighs a paltry 7. Just keep it free from debris and dirt and everything else about it will be perfect.

If anything, Sizzix seems committed to stand behind the quality of this product. Do we love this die cutter?

Oh, yes we do. You can use it for cutting almost all kinds of fabrics in the house. In fact, it does an exemplary job of making jewelry, hats, gift cards, tags, paper cards and all kinds of accessories.

But overall, we think it presents you with a really good value proposition. Hello there, my name is Carole Lokey from Texas. I am a die cutting and scrapbooking enthusiast and I have been sharing my passion with my friends and likeminded folks for close to 15 years now. Sizzix Big Shot Review.

Sizzix Big Shot Review 2020: Is it Worth it?

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